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Online courses

  • Food Handler Training

    Learning objectives

    This course will take you through the fundamentals of food safety for your food handler training certificate. Once the course has been completed, you should have a good understanding of what foodborne illness is, how it is caused, and what you can do to help prevent it from occurring.

    Please note the following concerning your Food Handlers Card.

    The State of California is now accepting this ANAB Accredited FHC food handlers card course for food handler training certificate. The food handler certificate provided upon completion of this food handlers course is not valid in Riverside, San Bernardino, or San Diego Counties at this time.

    The State of California requires all manufacturers/producers of cannabis edibles to have food safety training which is provided by this food handlers card program.


    Course details:

    • Course access for 60 days
    • 3 chances to pass timed exam
    • Certificate valid for 3 years

Food Handler Classes

FHC, Food Handler Classes, FoodHandlerClasses.com is part of the EduClasses® family of online educational courseware, test, and exam certificate websites.

Our aim is to provide a convenient, online food handler course at a minimal cost. Our food handlers course allows for easy enrollment and purchase of the ANAB accredited food handler safety class. Students have stop-and-start access and may use the food handler training material for the duration of the course. A food handlers certificate is immediately issued upon successful course completion and the food handler certificate and card be printed at any time. This food handlers certificate shows that the food handler has demonstrated the required learning competencies to handle food safely at a nationally accredited level.


Course Outline

The California Food Handlers Card law (sb 602, sb 303) requires that a food handler safety training course introduces the student to the fundamentals of food safety and instructs them on the basics of the following subjects:

  1. An understanding of the relationship between personal hygiene and food safety. How food-borne illness can be related to an employee's health. The association of hand contact, personal habits and behaviors to food-borne illness. The recognition of how management policies and procedures for a work place can contribute to improved food safety practices.
  2. A basic understanding of food-borne illness. The terms associated with food-borne illness, micro-organisms, hepatitis A, and toxins that can contaminate food. The illness that can be associated with contamination, definition and recognition of potentially hazardous foods, chemical, biological, and physical contamination of food, and the illnesses that can be associated with food contamination, and major contributing factors for food-borne illness.
  3. Knowledge of the relationship between time and temperature with respect to food-borne illness, including the relationship between time and temperature and micro-organisms during the various food handling,preparation, and serving states, and the type, calibration, and use of thermometers in monitoring food temperatures.
  4. The best methods of preventing food contamination in all stages of food handling, including terms associated with contamination and potential hazards prior to, during, and after delivery.
  5. Procedures for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and utensils.
  6. Problems and potential solutions associated with temperature control, preventing cross contamination, housekeeping and maintenance.

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FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a California Food Handlers Card?
A: In California food handler safety training certificate is an employment requirement for food workers. All food employees must complete an accredited food safety training course then pass an exam. The certificate from this assessment is used by to obtain a food handlers card.

Q: I have been hired as a food service worker. How long do I have to get a Food Handlers Card?
A: You have 30 days to pass a food safety training course and obtain a California Food Handlers Card.

Q: My existing California Food Handlers Card is due to expire. How soon should I replace it?
A: There is no grace period for expired California Food Handlers Cards. You are require by law to hold a valid card for the duration of your employment.

Q: Why do I need Food Handler Safety Training and a California Food Handlers Card?
A: It's the Law. California Senate bills 602 and 303 require workers involved in the service, handling, preparation or storage of food at a food facility to hold a valid California Food Handlers Card for the duration of their employment. To view the Food Handler Card Law, see Senate Bill 303.

Q: What is food handler safety training?
A: The California.FoodHandlerClasses.com food safety training course is designed to inform and educated students about the fundamentals of food safety, best hygiene practices, temperature control and the proper handling of food. The course educates students to be able to recognize hazards in food and avoid cross contamination. The knowledge obtained from taking the food handlers safety training course will help students become aware of the risks of the improper food handling, preparation and storage. Students will be able to understand the dangers of food-borne illness and gain valuable insites into healthy food safety practices.

Q: Is the FoodHandlerClasses.com food safety training course valid in California?
A: Yes the FHC food safety train course is valid throughout California except from Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino counties which have their own food safety programs. The food handlers safety certificate course is accredited by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and approved by the State of California.

Q: What is an ANSI food handler safety course?
A: Foodhandlerclasses.com is ANSI accredited (ID 1135) and is an approved provider for food handler safety training in California. An ANSI accredited course is one that has been audited and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Q: Who is considered a Food Worker?
A: Individuals working in the food services industry, handling food at restaurants, bars, kiosks, delis, bakeries, mobile food vendors and other food facilities are considered food workers.

Q: Whilst most food workers require certified food safety training, some are not subject to the California Food Handlers Law. Who is exempt?
A: Certified farmers markets, temporary food booths and food facilities with approved in-house food safety training are examples of an exempt status.
A  list of exemptions based upon the  California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) guidelines can be found here List of exemptions.

Q: How many questions are on the test and what grade do I need to pass it?
A: There are 40 questions on our California Food Safety Training test. You will need to answer 28 of the 40 questions correctly in order to achieve the 70% passing score.

Q: Do I need to finish the course the same day I start it?
A: The course study material is self paced and saves your progress, so you can work on it when the time is convenient for you. However, once you begin the exam, you must complete it in one sitting.

The food handlers card training you need without the hassle

Simple and Secure

Simple and Secure

Enrolling in California Food Handler Classes online provides a convenient and secure pathway to obtaining your ANAB accredited food handlers card. Our online platform offers a user-friendly learning experience, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience. With the flexibility of online courses, you can access food handler training materials and modules from any location with an internet connection, eliminating the need for physical attendance at a food handlers training facility. This accessibility is particularly advantageous for individuals with busy schedules or those who prefer self-paced learning in the realm of food safety.

EduClasses® online Food Handler Classes prioritize the safety and well-being of food handler learners. By removing the necessity for crowded classrooms or training centers, we mitigate the risk of exposure to potential health hazards. The online food handlers learning format allows you to complete your food handlers training in an efficient, safe, and elegant manner. Our courses are thoughtfully designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of food safety practices, equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle food responsibly. Through interactive elements such as videos, quizzes, and real-life scenarios, the online platform ensures an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. Furthermore, easy navigation through course materials and quick access to additional resources or support guarantee a seamless journey towards enhancing your expertise in food handling. By opting for our online food handler classes, you can embark on a sophisticated and convenient path of professional development while prioritizing safety and excellence in food safety practices.
Food Handlers Training Evolved

Food Handlers Training Evolved

The landscape of food handlers training has experienced a remarkable transformation in recent years. The traditional approach of attending physical classes for food handlers cards and food safety certificates has become outdated. The emergence of online training programs has revolutionized the process of obtaining a food handler training certificates, making it more convenient and flexible than ever before. No longer bound by rigid class schedules or geographical limitations, you can now complete FHC's online food handlers training program at your own pace and receive your food handlers card, seamlessly fitting it into your busy lifestyle. By embracing the online platform, you have the freedom to learn and progress through the course material at a speed that best suits your needs, saving you valuable time and effort along the way.

Our FHC (Food Handler Classes) online food handlers training program offers the added advantage of expediting the training certificate process. With streamlined modules and focused content, you can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in a shorter timeframe compared to traditional methods. The online format eliminates the need for travel and physical attendance, enabling you to dive straight into the course material and swiftly progress towards obtaining your course completion certificate. Whether you prefer to dedicate intense study sessions or prefer a gradual learning approach over an extended period, our online food handlers training program provides the flexibility to customize your learning experience according to your preferences and unique needs. Embracing the online platform empowers you to embark on a convenient and efficient path towards earning your food handler certificate.
Nationally Accredited

Nationally AccreditedNationally Accredited

FHC (Food Handler Classes) takes great pride in being both nationally recognized and ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board) accredited, as well as approved by the California Department of Public Health. This prestigious accreditation demonstrates our unwavering commitment to upholding rigorous standards of quality and excellence. By selecting FHC for your food handler safety training, you can trust that you are enrolling in a reputable and trusted program that adheres to industry-accepted criteria.

Our ANAB accreditation is a testament to the comprehensive curriculum we offer. Our courses cover crucial topics such as food safety practices, proper handling and storage techniques, and the prevention of foodborne illnesses. By choosing FHC, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the food service industry while ensuring the well-being of both your customers and yourself. The ANAB accreditation serves as a mark of distinction, reinforcing our dedication to delivering high-quality training and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.

Join the ranks of over 1 million individuals who have placed their trust in EduClasses® and FHC for their food handlers certificate needs. Embark on a fulfilling journey in the food service industry with confidence, knowing that you have chosen a program that is nationally recognized, ANAB accredited, and approved by the esteemed California Department of Public Health.