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About Us

The Bahamas EARLY ACCESS TRAINING CENTER, in conjuntion with EduClasses has one driving mission: to provide you with elegant, affordable online certificate courses that satisfy requirements in the covered subjects. All EduClasses online courses, including Food Handler Classes, feature a unique certificate system which allows you to easily sign up, study the curriculum, and receive your Ministry of Health endorsed certificate.

We've made signing up easy! Answer a few simple questions, create your username and password, and pay the minimal fee (we accept most major credit cards). You're good to go.

The self-paced curriculum provides valuable information covering the fundamentals of your industry, while meeting your regulatory authority's requirements for food handler training certificates. Once you've successfully completed the course, EduClasses will provide you with a certificate of completion which you can print and give to your doctor when at your assessment appointment.

But what if your printed certificate gets lost or misplaced? What if you change employers? No problem! The EduClasses system keeps your certificate on file. Simply sign in to your account and print a duplicate.

Note: After getting your temporary certificate from this course, you must make an appointment with the food handler clinic to select a day and time to be assessed by the medical doctor.