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Purchasing Group Orders

Select Site and Create Free Account

  • To make a group purchase, you must first create a profile for yourself.
  • To get started please select your location and create a free account.
  • You will then need to select "Bulk Purchases" from the menu located at the top of the website.  

Order Options:

  • Select your location from the drop-down menu under Location. The location will default to the location of the website used to make the bulk order purchase, but you can select a different location if necessary.
  • Next, under Quantity select the quantity of courses you will require. Bulk orders require a minimum of 2 courses. 
  • You will now create a passkey consisting of a minimum of 6 alphanumeric characters. You will give this passkey, along with one of the course access codes to each of your employees to redeem their course.   
  • If you have a purchase order, you can enter it in the Purchase Order area. This would come from your accounting department or you can create your own for cost tracking. This is optional and not required to complete your bulk order purchase.

 Billing Address

  • Your billing address should already be filled in for you, but you can make changes to it if you need to.  

Payment Information

  • Under Payment information: Select the payment type you wish to use.
    • If paying by Check by mail, follow the instructions provided on the website.
    • If paying by Credit card, enter credit card information.
  • Next, click the Review information button.
  • If all of the information is correct, click the check-box stating that you have read and agree to all terms and policies outlined here and on the policies page and then click the Purchase course button. Your purchase is now complete.