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Giving Pass Key and Codes to Employees

In order for your employees to use the codes, they must:

  • First go to the same website the bulk order was purchased through and click Create Account to create a profile of their own.
  • Next, they will then need to click on Redeem a code located under Course details located on the right side of the website. 
  • Then, under Enter your access code and passkey, they will need to enter one of the access codes provided from your bulk order, along with the pass key you created, then click the Redeem button. 
  • After they redeem their code, they will need to click the green Study button to begin their course.
  • The study area consists of 7 modules, each holding sections that your employees must read. Each section has a countdown timer that must reach zero before the section will be marked as studied with a green check-mark allowing them to continue.
  • The student can view their progress on the right side of the website under Section Details.  
  • Once all modules have been studied, they will be able to take the test by clicking the green Take Exam button or study again by clicking the blue View Sections button.
  • Once your employee passes the exam, they will be able to view and print their food handler certificate.
  • To print the certificate, your employee will need to click the Print Certificate button. Your employees food handlers certificate will open in a new window to view/print or download.
  • To see what your certificate will look like and an explanation of the information it contains, click  Certificate Sample.

Notice: To manage your bulk order, click on ME at the top right of the website and select My Purchases. For instruction on how to manage your bulk order, please click here.