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Texas Food Handlers Certificate Courses

The Texas food handler safety training laws were designed to ensure that employees in retail food outlets and restaurants gain a level of safety knowledge in food preparation, food storage, food server and handling practices.

ANSI Accredited Certificate Issuer - Accreditation #1135The law requiring Texas food handlers and servers have a valid Food Handlers Card is aimed at reducing the potential for food-borne illness. Our ANSI accredited courses are accepted by the State of Texas Department of State Health Services as providing the required level of food safety training need to obtain a valid food handlers permit.

ANSI-Accredited Certificate Issuer: Accreditation #1135

Our high quality training ensures that employees who handles, prepares, serves, sells, or gives away food for human consumption do so in a safe and hygienic manner.

Information - Texas Food Handlers 

As a resident of Texas, you may be interested in pursuing a career in the food industry. Whether you’re interested in serving as a waiter, working as a chef, or operating a restaurant, it’s essential to complete a food handler certification course. The Texas Department of State Health Services requires all employees who handle food in a commercial setting to complete a food hygiene course.
So, what exactly is involved in completing a food handler class in Texas? Here’s what you need to know:

What is a Food Handler Class?

A food handler class is a course that teaches employees who work with food about how to safely prepare, handle, and serve food. The class will cover topics such as personal hygiene, cross-contamination, time and temperature control, cleaning and sanitizing, and pest management. These classes are designed to educate individuals about the risks of foodborne illnesses and how to prevent them.

Who Needs to Take a Food Handler Class?

In Texas, anyone who handles food in a commercial setting must take a food handler class. This includes wait staff, chefs, cooks, bartenders, and even dishwashers. The Texas Department of State Health Services requires all food service employees to complete an approved food handler course within 60 days of hire.

How Long is the Class?

The length of the class varies depending on the provider. Most classes are between two and four hours long. There are both online and classroom options available in Texas. Texas recognizes several providers of food handler classes, so you have several options to choose from.


How Much Does the Class Cost?

The cost of a food handler class in Texas varies depending on the provider. The cost of a course from is under $10 with the average cost around $20 to $25 it represents a nice saving. It’s important to note that some employers may pay for their employees to take the class, so check with your employer before enrolling.


What Happens After You Complete the Class?

After you complete the food handler class, you will receive a certificate of completion. You must keep this certificate on file at all times while working in the food industry. If you change jobs or lose your certificate, you can request a replacement from the course provider. Some local authorities require registration, be sure to check with your local Health authorities


Taking a food handler class in Texas is essential for anyone who works in the food industry. These courses teach employees how to handle food safely and prevent foodborne illnesses. Taking a course is quick, affordable, and required by law. It’s an investment in your career and in the health and safety of your customers.