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New Mexico Food Handlers Certificate Courses

New Mexico Food Handler Card requirements

(1) What is a Food Handler Certificate, Permit or Card?

A food handlers permit, certificate or card is a certification of completion from an ANSI accredited Food Handler Certification course allows you to obtain employment at a Environment Department permitted food facility  

(2) Who needs to obtain a Food Handler Certificate or Card?

Resturant workers and anyone who is working in an environmental department approved or permitted food facility who works with unpackaged food, food utensils, food preparation equipment or food contact surfaces requires a food handler card, permit or certificate.

(3) When do I need a Food handler Certificate?

Existing employees must get the card before March 1, 2017. New employees must get a Food Handler Card within 30 days of start of employment.

(4) Do the New Mexico Environment Department regulations apply to all Cities & Counties?

Yes, Please check with your local authority for food handler rules & regulations

(5) Do bartenders and alcohol seller servers need a food handlers card?

Preparing garnishes for drinks, cutting fruit to serve in drinks will require a Food Handlers card.

(6) How long does it take to complete an ANSI accredited food handlers safety course?

The course takes about two hours.

(7) What do I learn in a food handlers certification class?

At you will study an ANSI accredited course that covers cleaning, work place sanitation, basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross contanimation, food storage practises, time and temperature rules, and allergens,

(8) When do I get my Food Handler Certificate?

You get your certificate after passing the course with a socore of at least 75%. The online course allows you to print your certificate immediately.

(9) Does the course come in Spanish and English?

At the course is available in Spanish and English.