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Cholula Slider Trio
Three recipes for hamburgers with Hispanic flair

You can find this recipe at El Restaurante

Recipe courtesy of sysco.com/sobremesa

Chili Garlic Barbecue Sliders

1 lb. cooked, shredded or pulled chicken or pork

2 Tbsp. Cholula® Chili Garlic Hot Sauce

1 cup barbecue sauce, regular flavor

5 slider buns (or small dinner rolls of your choice)

1 red onion, sliced

Guacamole (optional)

Combine 2 Tbsp. Cholula Chili Garlic Hot Sauce with 1 cup barbecue sauce. Combine meat and sauce together in a saucepan, heat and stir on medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes. Assemble sliders on the bun and top with a dollop of guacamole and sliced red onions.

All-American Sliders

1 lb. lean ground beef

3 Tbsp. Cholula® Original Hot Sauce

5 American or Cheddar cheese slices, cut to fit patties

Sliced small tomatoes (Roma tomatoes are best)

5 slider buns (or small dinner rolls of your choice)

2/3 cup mayonnaise

Pickle slices

Lettuce leaf

Combine 2 Tbsp. Cholula Original Hot Sauce with 2/3 cup mayonnaise for special sauce. Mix 1 Tbsp. Cholula Hot Sauce into the ground beef. Form into 5 small patties, grill to perfection and top with cheese slices. Spread special sauce on sliced, toasted rolls. Assemble sliders and drizzle more Cholula on top.

Chili Lime Grilled Salmon Sliders

1 lb. salmon fillets (mahi-mahi, snapper or cod are also good)

1/3 cup Cholula® Chili Lime Hot Sauce

2 Tbsp. tequila (1800 Silver recommended)

1/2 fresh lime

Prepared deli-style coleslaw

Using a plastic bag, marinate fish fillet in 1/3 cup combined with tequila and a squeeze of lime for 30 minutes in refrigerator. Grill, broil or pan fry fish until tender and flakey. Combine fish and coleslaw on toasted rolls.