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Cuban Avocado Bowl
Recipe for an entree in a bowl filled with avocado, rice, corn, beans and pork

You can find this recipe at El Restaurante

Recipe and photo courtesy of Avocados from Mexico (avocadosfrommexico.com)

Makes 4 servings

4 c. white rice, cooked

2 ea. Avocados From Mexico, sliced

2 c. yellow corn, cooked

2 c. black beans, Cooked

1 c. pico de gallo

½ c. queso cotija

4 ea. Lime wedges

Cilantro, chopped, to garnish

Cuban Pork (recipe below)

Avo Crema Drizzle (recipe below)

The Cuban Pork:

1 lb. pork loin

½ ea. onion, sliced

1 T. Cuban seasoning

2 ea. garlic cloves, minced

Salt and pepper, to taste

In a large crockpot, add pork loin, onion, Cuban seasoning and garlic cloves. Cook on low heat for approximately 8 hours or until the pork can easily pull apart and salt and pepper to taste.

The Avo Crema Drizzle:

2 oz. cream cheese, melted

½ ea. Avocados From Mexico

¼ c. milk, 2%

In a medium bowl, add cream cheese, milk and avocado. Whisk until smooth to form the avocado crema drizzle.

To serve: In large bowls, evenly distribute rice, pork, beans, corn, pico de gallo, queso cotija, avocado, avocado crema drizzle, and garnish with lime wedges and cilantro.