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California Food Handlers Certificate Courses

  • State of California
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    Term of Validity: 3 years
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Do I comply with the State of California Food Handler Card law?

Most restaurant positions are subject to the California Food Handler Card Law. Food handlers are defined as individuals involved in the preparation, storage or service of food in a food facility.

Individuals that work in restaurants, or those designated as food handlers within the food service industry, must obtain a California food handlers card within 30 days of the date of being hired and are required to hold a valid California Food Handlers Card for the duration of their employment.
The California Food Handler Card law is designed to ensure that cooks, chefs, kitchen staff and other food handlers receive training in the fundamentals of food safety and are equipped with knowledge of modern food safety practices in order to reduce the potential for foodborne illness or food contamination.
Food handlers and workers in the food service industry need to take an approved food safety certificate course and pass the food handler certification test with a minimum score of 70 percent to obtain a California Food Handler Card.
The ANSI accredited food handler certification course covers the fundamentals of food safety and best practices in modern Food Safety.
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