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Dulce de Leche Pineapple Float
A dessert recipe that includes cajeta and Jarritos Pineapple soda
Dos Ricardos
A recipe for a hearty breakfast dish featuring beans, potatoes, meat, and eggs.
Join Us at the Texas Restaurant Association Trade Show in Booth# 844 July 13-15, 2024 in San...
We will be showcasing our cutting-edge programs at the upcoming Texas Restaurant Association Trade Show in San Antonio, Texas!
Dominican Braised Chicken Wings (Pollo Guisado)
Recipe for chicken wings with Dominican seasonings
Employee Injuries at Restaurants & How to Prepare for Them
In the hubbub world of restaurants, the safety and well-being of your staff is not just a legal obligation but also a crucial aspect of maintaining a positive work environment. Workers'...
Navigating Prometric Test Centers: A Comprehensive Guide for Your Certified Food Manager Exam
Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Certified Food Protection Manager exam at FMC Food Managers Certification, FoodManagersCertification.com!
Desert Gold Cocktail
Recipe for a cocktail made with tequila, mangoes and cucumbers
Culo Blanco
Recipe for a sangria cocktail made with peach, raspberry and agave
Cuban Style Stuffed Potatoes
Recipe for potatoes stuffed with chorizo and topped with cheese
Cuban Avocado Bowl
Recipe for an entree in a bowl filled with avocado, rice, corn, beans and pork
Crunchy Egg Wrap
Recipe for tostadas with eggs, black beans and guacamole
FMC Food Managers Certification has Officially Obtained ANAB Accreditation
Elevate your career in food management with our nationally accredited Food Protection Manager certification course.
Crepas con Salsa de Piña y Camote: Crepes with Pineapple and Sweet Potato Sauce
Recipe for crepes with pineapple and sweet potato sauce
ABC warns licensees not to sell illegal Mary Jones hemp-infused sodas
The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is warning licensees not to sell Mary Jones hemp-infused soda, which have been ...
BIG NEWS! FoodManagersCertification.com has OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!
EduClasses Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) Program, FMC® Food Managers Certification, has just earned national accreditation from ANAB!
Crème de Papaya
Recipe for dessert made with papaya, ice cream, and creme de cassis liquor
Crema de Elote (Corn Soup)
Recipe for soup made with corn and poblano chiles
Cream of Coconut Ice Cream with Ponche-spiced Pineapple
Recipe for ice cream with coconut and pineapple.
Coyota with Vanilla Ice Cream and Mango Gelee
A recipe for coyota with vanilla ice cream and mango gelee
Costillas de la Matanza: Matanza Ribs
Recipe for ribs with cinnamon and sherry.
Costa Rican Plantain Buñuelos
A recipe for bunuelos with plantains.
Cookies and Cream Churro Ice Cream Sandwich
A recipe for an ice cream sandwich featuring churros and Oreo cookies
ABC Reminds the Public to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Responsibly
Licensees must remember to check IDs carefully and not over-serve patrons
Colorado Lamb Birria Tacos
A recipe for birria made with lamb
Mitigating Foodborne Illness Risks with Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
In the dynamic realm of the restaurant industry, where culinary artistry meets customer satisfaction, food safety is paramount.
Cochinita Pibil Tacos
Recipe for tacos with cochinita pibil
Churrasco de Flank Steak (Flank Steak Brazilian Style) with Chimichurri Marinade
Recipe for Brazilian style flank steak with chimichurri
Chorizo Sliders with Cajun Guacamole
A recipe for little burgers made with chorizo and topped with guacamole
Chorizo Mini Tortas with Caramelized Onion Crema
Recipe for sliders with chorizo and cotija
Chorizo Jalapeño Breakfast Tacos
Recipe for breakfast tacos made with potatoes, chorizo, jalapeno and honey