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DSBWorldWide, Inc. has earned a reputation of providing excellent customer service with cutting-edge technology. We offer web-based solutions for marketing and development in areas such as business, health, finance and education. Our user-friendly web sites, such as GraysonCountyHealth.com, emphasize simplicity of use while maintaining the highest quality.

As the new standard in software development, DSBWorldWide, Inc. can launch, market and maintain your organization's food handler certificate website in a smooth, efficient manner with no up front cost. Let our team of web designers, development specialists, marketing professionals, copywriters, and photographers customize your food handler certificate site to your unique needs... and do it within your time frame at no cost to you!

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Grayson County Provides FHC Course and Exam Material

DSBWorldWide, Inc. through a group of websites including www.FoodHandlerClasses.com provides a food handler training certificate service via an online learning environment with integrated exam platform. This web-based service utilizes educational curriculum and exam materials provided by Grayson County Health Department. DSBWorldWide, Inc. is the only authorized food handler training certificate service permitted to use these materials.

Grayson County Health Department maintains the food handler educational curriculum and exam materials updating them to meet the standards required for the ANSI accreditation / renewal process. Grayson County Health Department also ensure that the course and exam material meet the requirements for it to be certified by the State of Texas. Payment of expenses required for ANSI accreditation or renewal, State requirements, course and exam maintenance and updates are provided by Grayson County Health Department.

Food Handler Classes
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